IACUC Members

Charles Elliott, Committee Chair
Kenneth Dickey, Attending Veterinarian

Terms Expiring in 2017: 

Lindsay Calderon, Department of Biological Sciences Faculty 
Ed Fredrickson, Department of Agriculture Faculty
Matthew Pianalto, Department of Philosophy and Religion Faculty

Terms Expiring in 2018:

Radhika Makecha, Department of Psychology Faculty
John Wilson, Community Member

Terms Expiring in 2019:

Charles Elliott, Committee Chair, Department of Biological Sciences Faculty
Chris Cooper, Community Member
Oliver Oakley, Department of Biological Sciences Faculty

Gus Benson, Director, Sponsored Programs (ex-officio)
Lisa Royalty, Compliance Coordinator, Sponsored Programs (IACUC Administrator)
Jerry Pogatshnik, Associate Vice President for Research (Institutional Official)
Timothy Weckman, Animal Facility Manager (Committee Resource)