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Recent University-Funded Scholarship Awards

2019-2020 Awards:

Bedetti, Gaby (English). Leading Seniors in Poetry Writing, Producing an Anthology, and Writing a Scholarly Article. $2,660.

Fredericks, Jamie (Chemistry). Modeling Assault from Touch DNA. $9,968.

Kramer, Bradley (Biological Sciences). Effects of the p75 Neurotrophin Receptor on Neurite Degeneration in a Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease. $3,000.

Maples, James (Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work) and Bradley, Michael (Recreation and Park Administration). Economic Impact of Visitors on the Sheltowee Trail Corridor. $2,400.

Matthews, Betsy (Criminal Justice and Police Studies). Women's Pathways to Desistance in Urban and Rural Places. $7,142.

Sciascia, Aaron and Spigelman, Tracy (Exercise and Sport Science). The Influence of Shoulder Joint Mobilizations on Pain and Function. $1,664.

Wygant, Dustin (Psychology) and Pennington, James (Government). Impact of Psychological Testing in Expert Testimony. $3,000.

Zyzak, LiLi (Chemistry). Correlating Analytical Data to Sensory Perception: The cutting edge in combining Chemistry, Sensory, and Modeling. $10,000.

2018-2019 Awards:

Anyanwu, Ogechi (History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies).  “I have put my hands between their legs”: Britain, Resistance, and Mbano Identity in Eastern Nigeria, 1906-1960.  $2,970.

Brown, David (Biological Sciences).  Songbird abundance in managed early-successional, scrub-shrub and young forest patches on Daniel Boone National Forest.  $2,708.

Chen, Hung-Tao (Psychology).  Text-To-Speech Learning in Semi-Autonomous Driving Situations.  $2,997.

Dodd, Luke (Biological Sciences).  Surveillance of artificial roosts for Indiana bats on the Interior Plateau of Kentucky.  $5,213. 

Fleischer, Anne (Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy).  Living a full life after breast cancer and its treatment through virtual education and support.  $2,903.

Green, Amanda (Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work).  A Longitudinal Study of Food Insecurity and Its Impacts on College Students.  $2,952.

McCardle, Todd (Curriculum and Instruction).  Perceptions of Cultural Competency in Teacher Education.  $2,721.

Pinion, Clint and Altheide, Steven (Environmental Health Science).   Multidrug Resistant Enteric Bacteria in Agricultural Ambient Air Particulate Matter.  $5,828.

Roush, Daniel (American Sign Language and Interpreter Education).  Embodied Etymologies: Software tools for creating the first thesaurus of American Sign Language.  $6,615.

Sexten, Andrea (Agriculture).  Effect of the melatonin receptor 1A gene on reproductive performance in ewes.  $2,947.

Staddon, Bill (Biological Sciences).  Microbial Community Composition Along Streams Affected by Acid Mine Dr.  $2,330.

Strasik, Amanda (Art and Design).  Picturing Innocence: Representing Childhood in Revolutionary France.  $3,000.

Varakin, Donald Alexander (Psychology).  Establishing A Virtual Reality Lab for Psychological Research.  $1,274.

Watson, Kelly (Geosciences).  Wetland aquatic invertebrates and bat activity in upland-embedded wetlands, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky.  $2,708.

White, John (Geosciences).  The origin of Basin & Range magmatism in Trans-Pecos Texas.  $2,985.

2017-2018 Awards:

Calderon, Lindsay (Biological Sciences).  Anticancer Agent Directed Towards Cellular Overexpression of the LHRH Receptor.  $10,000.

Elnahas, Ahmed (Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems).  Grieve or Greed: Insider Trading and CEO Succession.  $10,000. 

Incera, Sara (Psychology).  Three Pilot Studies: Does speakers’ appearance influence listeners’ ratings of foreign accents.  $9,903.

Makecha, Radhika (Psychology).  Assessing the effects of a Cognition Based Education Program.  $7,592.

Pierce, Marcia (Biological Sciences).  The Effect of Estrus Cycle on Microbiota Composition and Listeria Monocytogenes Infection in Murine Models.  $3,973.

Settimi, John (Agriculture).  Economic, Animal and Agronomic Analyses of Winter Cover Crop Grazing and Termination Strategies.  $8,912.

Kim, Dae Wook (Computer Science).  EKUMiner: Machine Learning-Based Predictive Analytics of University Enrollment.  $2,886.

Richter, Stephen (Biological Sciences).  Ecology and Management of Copperheads in aHuman Use Area of Appalachian Kentucky.  $3,000.

Ritchison, Gary (Biological Sciences).  Effect of the Timing of Breeding, Number of Fledglings, and Male Provisioning Behavior on the Number of Nesting Attempts By Female Eastern Bluebirds.  $2,958.

Skubik-Peplaski,Camille (Occupational Therapy).  The Effects of Occupation-Based Interventions vs Handwriting Interventions on Children's Handwriting.  $2,996.

2016-2017 Awards:

Bradley, Michael (Recreation and Park Administration).  Perceptions of Black Bear Management in Kentucky's Appalachia.  $2,666.

Brown, David (Biological Sciences).  Do Invasive Plants Benefit a Wintering Songbird?: Page Charges for Northeastern Naturalist.  $360.  

Causey-Upton, Renee (Occupational Therapy).  Pre-Operative Education for Total Knee Replacement.  $2,986. 

Endonino, Jon (Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work).  Tomoka Archaelogy Project Stage Iib.  $2,986. 

Fredericks, Jamie (Chemistry).  Direct PCR Analysis from Blood Stained Concrete.  $3,000.

Freed, Benjamin (Anthropology, Sociology, Social Work).  Ecological Study of Lemurs in Madagascar.  $3,000. 

Liu, Yangxuan (Agriculture).  A Risk Analysis of Precision Farming for Tomato Production.  $1,958.  

Malzone, Jonathan (Geosciences).  Surface Water and Groundwater Sources of Nutrients in Landscapes with Thin Soils.  $9,059.

Marion, Jason (Environmental Health Science).  Evaluation of Antibiotic Residues in Milk from Kenyan Milk ATMs.  $2,999.

Pinion, Clint (Environmental Health Science).  Pesticide Contamination in Urban Beehives.  $5,636. 

Ritchison, Gary (Biological Sciences).  Factors Influencing Pre-Fledging Mass Recession of Eastern Bluebirds.  $2,960.

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