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Recent University-Funded Scholarship Awards

2023-2024 Awards:

Brisman, Avi (Justice Studies).  Fact and Fiction in J.G. Ballard’s Climate Change Novels. $7,060.

Green, Amanda (Anthropology) and Hickey, Abbigail (Applied Human Sciences). EKU Food Studies Lab. $928.

Mott, Cy (Biological Sciences).  Carry-over effects of predation risk on aposematic coloration in juvenile salamanders. $1,1998.


2022-2023 Awards:

Anyanwu, Ogechi (History, Philosophy and Religious Studies). Unhealed Wounds: The Nigerian Civil War and the Mbano Experience in Southeastern Nigeria, 1967-1970. $5,711

Kenealy, Jessica (Agriculture) Off the Beaten Path: A first glance at the feral horses of Appalachia and their intestinal parasites. $6,789.

Rowe, Laura (Chemistry). Probing Microbial Diversity in Extremophile Environments. $6,392.

Saulnier, Stephanie and StevensonErin (Social Work). Social Connectedness and Interpersonal Skills Pilot Project. $3,702.

Simpkins, Brian and NapierTrenia (Safety and Security) Countering Mis-, Dis-, and Malinformation. $5,850.

Spira, Geela (Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy).  Daily life experiences of Tanzanian people with deafness viewed with an occupational justice lens in comparison to the lived experiences of occupational science and occupational therapy students.  $1,502.

Su, Lixun (College of Business – Marketing). Nurturing Verses Natural Meaning of Colors. $1,243.

White, John (Physics, Geosciences, and Astronomy). Volcanic History of Mount Locke, MacDonald Observatory (Davis County), Texas. $1,514.

Zyzak, Li Li (Chemistry). Improving the Flavor of Plant-Based Hamburgers Through Mechanistic Studies. $7,426.

2021-2022 Awards:

Dodd, Luke (Biological Sciences). Occupancy of Allegheny Woodrat and Incidence of Raccoon Roundworm along the Pine Mountain Wildlands Corridor. $9,635.

Endonino, Jon (Languages & Cultures, Anthropology, and Sociology). EKU Archaeology Field School Blood Protein Residue Analysis and Radiocarbon Dating. $3,000.

Jarvis, Thomas (Physics, Geosciences, and Astronomy). Laser Surface Processing of Wood for Food Industry Applications. $9,646.

Makecha, Radhika and Nakai, Yoshie (Psychology). Conservation Education Using Elephant Cognition. $7,450.

Mott, Cy (Biological Sciences). Characterizing optimal within-species body size variation in an aquatic predator. $2,996.

Park, Jiyeon and Gremp, Michelle (Learning, Teaching, and Educational Leadership). Integrating Assistive and Instructional Technology into Higher Education. $10,000.

Peters, Valerie (Biological Sciences). Testing priority plant species in tropical pollinator community assembly. $9,960.

Stevenson, Erin (Social Work). Resilience, Social Support, and Academic Achievement Among First-generation College Students. $2,999.  

2020-2021 Awards:

Brown, David (Biological Sciences). Comparison of drumming Ruffed Grouse detection probabilities between human observers and autonomous recording units. $2,954.

Brown, Gary and Marion, Jason (Environmental Health Science). Sunburn Prevention and Sun Protection Habits and Attitudes among Lifeguards. $1,000.

Bundy, Myra Beth (Psychology). Assessment of the Effect of Two Different Reinforcement Schedules on Participation in a Middle/High School Virtual Mentoring Program for Students of Color. $3,000.

Fleischer, Anne (Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy). Online Cancer-Related Fatigue Management. $7,466.

Fry, Jason (Physics and Astronomy). A Neutron Detector Array for Time Reversal Experiments. $7,657.

Hayes, David (Biological Sciences). Impacts of Bourbon Distillation Activities on Crayfish Gut Microbial Communities. $2,960.

Kelley, Tricia and Cogdill, Chad (Communication). The Hoax Media Project. $2,601.

Kenealy, Jessica (Agriculture). Reviving a tradition: Optimization of the larval culture method for diagnosis of Strongylus vulgaris. $2,989.

Page, Christen (Communication Disorders). Student Clinicians’ Views of Telepractice and In-person Service Delivery. $2,972.

Richter, Stephen (Biological Sciences). Population dynamics and feeding ecology of copperheads across varying habitat and environmental conditions. $2,981.

Su, Lixun (Management, Marketing & International Business). How does culture keep consumers vulnerable? $3,000.

Szekely, Ilona (Art and Design). Making and Teaching Art During the Pandemic. $2,935.

Tran, Cynthia (Chemistry). Face and Fire: Improving the Collection of Ignitable Liquid Residues using Activated Charcoal Face Peels. $3,000.

Watson, Kelly (Geosciences). Assessing the health and diversity of the EKU urban community forest. $2,903.

White, John (Geosciences). High-resolution 40Ar/39Ar chronostratigraphy of the Montagna Grande Shield Volcano, Pantelleria (Sicily Channel), Italy. $3,000.

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